About us

Dr. Ukashatu Hamza Musa

Dr. Ukashatu Hamza Musa

University Librarian
Phone No: 080-6563-9006
Email ID: hamzaukashat@gmail.com

It is my great pleasure to welcome you to Federal University Dutsin-Ma Library, Katsina. The Library is committed to the support the overall vision, mission, and program of the Federal University Dutsin-Ma. Our commitment is demonstrated via the production and maintenance of library services geared towards retrieval, acquisition, preservation and dissemination of information in its various forms. The Library’s services and collections are entirely dedicated to support the FUDMA community of faculty, researchers, students, and staff. It also provides the opportunity for external researchers and postgraduates to request the use of its extensive catalog of books and journals. We provide excellent internet connectivity and efficient online access to our rich e-resources and digital content through our advanced information and communication technology-based facilities. Our well-trained staff members are pleased to offer their expertise in answering your inquiries about any library-related issues. We look forward to serving you and welcome your comments and suggestions. Best regards,


The mission is to provide standard Education from Basic Level to Tertiary Level across Federal University Dutsin-Ma. The Database contain Resources for Undergraduate and Post-Graduate Student and Staffs for Teaching, Learning and Research.


  • To select, acquire and maintain library resources in all formats for supporting teaching, learning, research and Community service of the University.
  • To participate in resource sharing programmes at local, State, National and International levels in order to facilitate access to information resources not available in FUDMA libraries.
  • To assist library users to identify, locate, retrieve and access needed information and also instruct them on how to use them best for better utilization.
  • To provide appropriate infrastructure and technologies for operational efficiency and effectiveness.
  • To attract, develop and retain qualified personnel for effective and efficient information service delivery and systems management.
  • To participate actively in teaching, learning, research and dissemination of information.
  • To create, develop, acquire and maintain e-resources and related databases to boost the holdings of library resources and enhance library services.